Dear Cadets,

Please click the link below to view the promotion test results.

Promotion Test (20-10.17) Results (Public)

Congratulations to the promoted cadets!


Teacher Officers & Instructors

Whitley Secondary School NPCC Unit


Promotion Test (20-10-17)

Dear Cadets,

Now that you have all completed your End of Year Examinations, it’s time to be back in blue!

As previously mentioned, promotion test will be held this coming Friday (20-10-17). For more details of the time, venue and attire please refer to the Weekly Parade Schedule published by the Cadet Leaders.

Please click on to the link below to view your level’s syllabus. If you have any enquiries or questions please do approach your Squad Cadet Leaders before this coming Friday.

Link :

With regards,
Whitley Teacher Officers & Instructors